Karen Dybis

Karen is a Metro Detroit reporter with more than 20 years of writing experience. She has worked for The Daily Telegram (Adrian, Mich.), The Oakland Press, The Detroit News and Corp! magazine. Her freelance clients include Time magazine, U.S. News and World Report, The Hollywood Reporter, TBD and more. She is author of four local history books: "The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In," "Better Made in Michigan," "The Witch of Delray" and "Secret Detroit." Karen also is a 2018 Knight Arts Challenge grant recipient, working on putting together an archive of Detroit’s Delray neighborhood.

Karen is available for writing assignments, book development and public speaking on a variety of topics. She has done presentations for groups of 20 to 200. Her topics focus on Detroit history and its innovative residents. 

"Great read. Dybis shares with her readers the story of corrupt politicians, scandal, and overzealous prosecution of an immigrant, Rose Veres, and her son who are charged and convicted in the death of a boarder in their Delray Rooming house. Well-researched and well-written."

— Amazon reviewer


“Excellent read.”

My husband was delighted in getting this book as his great uncle was Mr. Dancey. He actually learned a few things that he didn't already know! Thank you so much.

— L.M. regarding "Better Made in Michigan"


How did I not know about this place?

— Amy Elliott Bragg regarding "Secret Detroit"


“Save your local drive-in!”

If you've ever thrilled to the "10 minutes 'til Showtime!" concession stand countdown that used to play at the drive-in (and begged your parents to spring for ICE COLD! drinks and HOT! french fries), you'll definitely feel the pangs of childhood nostalgia while reading this book. I instantly recalled movies I saw not just at the Ford-Wyoming (Blue Thunder comes immediately to mind), but at many outdoor screens across Metro Detroit. The car trunks full of people getting caught, the playground below the big screen, the speakers, the "canoodling"-- it's all in author Karen Dybis' tale of a beloved, iconic family business. 

— Jason Carr regarding "The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In"