Rose Veres & Detroit's Infamous 1930s Murder Mystery 

Detroit was full of stark contrasts in 1931. Political scandals, rumrunners and mobs lurked in the shadows of the city's soaring architecture and industrious population. As the Great Depression began to take hold, tensions grew, spilling over into the investigation of a mysterious murder at the boardinghouse of Hungarian immigrant Rose Veres. Amid accusations of witchcraft, Rose and her son Bill were convicted of the brutal killing and suspected in a dozen more. Their cries of innocence went unheeded--until one lawyer, determined to seek justice, took on the case. Author Karen Dybis follows the twists and turns of this shocking story, revealing the truth of Detroit's own Hex Woman.



A powerful story about power, corruption and lies.

"A well-written no filler story of Old world superstitions and jealousies, combined with pressure from the DA's office and outright contempt for the non-English speaking population of Detroit meant that two innocent victims were locked away for a crime that did not even happen."

— David A. Kulczyk

Fascinating true story!

"This story is incredible. The author does a great job of laying out the facts and leaving it to the reader to come to their own conclusions about this true case. Fans of Erik Larson would love this book. And anyone with an interest in the history of Detroit will find this doubly rewarding as she recounts the dynamics in the city at the time of these events. Very well written and nicely paced. Highly recommend!”

— Brian Anderson

Another fascinating Motor City tale.

“Karen Dybis continues to be one of the best storytellers in Detroit, digging out stories that even Motor City history dweebs like me don't know about, then doggedly researching them and spinning a fantastic narrative.”

— Dan Austin




Did she commit murder and get away with it?

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