The Salty Story of Detroit's Best Chip

IFor many, Detroit is the crunch capital of the world. More than forty local chip companies once fed the Motor City's never-ending appetite for salty snacks, including New Era, Everkrisp, Krun-Chee, Mello Crisp, Wolverine and Vita-Boy. Only Better Made remains. From the start, the brand was known for light, crisp chips that were near to perfection. Discover how Better Made came to be, how its chips are made and how competition has shaped the industry into what it is today. Bite into the flavorful history of Michigan's most iconic chip as author Karen Dybis explores how Detroit "chipreneurs" rose from garage-based businesses to become snack food royalty.



Potato chips in Detroit.

“My dad worked for Better Made for years. Loved reading its history and also Detroit's history. Learned many things I never knew about potato chips.”

— C.C.

Storytelling and images paints a vivid picture.

“There was no question I was going to read this after how much I enjoyed The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In. She wove together a detailed family history, fascinating industry and how the nation and Detroit was growing up around these chippers. I literally had to go get a bowl of chips while I was reading!”

— Jennifer Marski Friess

Great story.

“Interesting read about a iconic Detroit mainstay and the trials and tribulations it has gone through in its 70 year history.”

— David Morris




Do you have what it takes to be a chip-preneur?

Read "Better Made in Michigan" and find out!